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ANTI+ 隶属BSZH Group,长期致力于高端免疫类研究,客户遍及生命科学公司,大学,研究机构,医院以及工业部门。提供数千种常规实验抗体,并可依据客户要求,提供特殊抗体定制服务,ANTI+ 高品质抗体广泛应用于医学、生命科学、临床免疫、病理诊断研究等。

I、免疫球蛋白     II、免疫血清     III、FITC荧光抗体     IV、RBITC荧光抗体    V、HRP酶标抗体     VI、生物素化抗体     VII、金标抗体     VIII、纯化抗体    
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BSZH Group is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Our chemical and biochemical products and kits are used in scientific research, including genomic and proteomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and other high technology manufacturing.



BSZH Group® Corporation

BSZH ANTI+ was founded in 1996 in USA. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of TECHNE Corporation (a holding company with no employees). The stock is traded publicly on NASDAQ's National Market System under the "TECH" symbol. TECHNE has two operating subsidiaries: BSZH ANTI+ Systems, Inc. (BSZH ANTI+) and BSZH Europe Ltd.

BSZH ANTI+ has two operating divisions: Biotechnology, which manufactures reagents primarily for the research market, and Hematology, which manufactures controls and calibrators for hematology analyzers.

In Jan of 2005, BSZH ANTI+ purchased Life-Holder, which became a wholly owned subsidiary. Life-Holder is located in Emeryville, CA, and consists of a sales force which provides products for development of immunoassay kits.

BSZH ANTI+ Europe in Abingdon, England distributes biotechnology products, is the European Authorized Representative for the Biotechnology Division, and has sales subsidiaries in Germany and France. They received ISO 9001:2008 certification in July of 2010. EuroCell Diagnostics, Village de la Metairie Batiment B, 35131 Chartes de Bretagne, is the European Authorized Representative for the Hematology Division and is ISO 13485:2003 certified.

BSZH ANTI+ established a wholly owned subsidiary in the People's Republic of China in May of 2007. BSZH ANTI+ China Co. Ltd. officially opened its warehouse and distribution center in Shanghai, China on October 1, 2007. BSZH ANTI+ China provides products, marketing, and technical support to our Chinese distributors.

BSZH ANTI+ Key Products & Services

◾Multiplex Assays/Arrays
◾Activity Assays & Reagents
◾Stem Cell & Cell Culture Products
◾ELISpot Kits and Development Modules
◾Flow Cytometry & Cell Selection/Detection
◾General Laboratory Reagents
◾Biomarker Testing Service
◾Linearity Materials
◾Survey Materials
◾Interlaboratory Quality Control Program